Clients' Reviews

'As a landlord, I`m a regular visitor to IKEA as I`m often refurbishing my properties. I wish I had stumbled upon this service earlier. It would have saved me so much time and effort. Certainly recommendable for anyone in a similar position.'

David Cole rated LondonFurnitureTeam 5 out of 5

'The location of most IKEA`s in London basically means if you don`t have a car, you`re going to struggle to shop there. So this service is perfect for a non-driver like me. Saved me the trouble of putting everything together as well!'

Jessica Dalston rated LondonFurnitureTeam 4 out of 5

'IKEA, love the prices, but hate the hassle! Good thing you guys offer this service, or I could be sitting in an empty flat right now! Decent rates too!'

Dan Rutherford rated LondonFurnitureTeam 5 out of 5

'Only having a little Corsa, I honestly had no idea how I`d get everything back from IKEA in Edmonton. It was a job I was certainly dreading. Really glad to have found your service for IKEA delivery in London. Happy with the price, the speed - everything really! Great stuff!'

Sandra James rated LondonFurnitureTeam 5 out of 5

'I don`t have the tools, the time, really to shop at IKEA... or so I thought! I barely had to do a thing, just hired the guys and quick as you like - a brand new wardrobe and bed appeared in my flat - fully assembled! Shopping as it should be!'

Danielle rated LondonFurnitureTeam 5 out of 5

'I honestly had no idea there were companies doing specialist IKEA delivery in London. Wish I`d found out sooner, would have saved me a lot of bother and back ache in the past!'

Manjit rated LondonFurnitureTeam 5 out of 5


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